glue-schema 2.0.11-1

Update number & date

Update 9 - 07.08.2014

Release notes

Update of the GLUE 2 schema LDAP definition with the following changes:

  • GRIDINFO-53: All the entities but Entity moved to type STRUCTURAL
  • GRIDINFO-9: GLUE 2 booleans should be DirectoryString not LDAP Boolean

Note that the change regarding the boolean attributes affects in particular the following attributes: GLUE2ExecutionEnvironmentVirtualMachine, GLUE2ExecutionEnvironmentConnectivityIn and GLUE2ExecutionEnvironmentConnectivityOut, GLUE2AdminDomainDistributed, GLUE2ComputingManagerBulkSubmission, GLUE2ComputingManagerHomogeneous, GLUE2ComputingManagerWorkingAreaGuaranteed, GLUE2ComputingManagerWorkingAreaShared. The change refers to:

  • The BooleanMatch has been removed from the schema. All booleans are strings now.
  • Booleans are now DirectoryString type as well. This means that if the attribute has no value, the attribute will not be published. It also means that the boolean is expected to be as defined in GFD.147 section A.3, that is, might contain the value "undefined" when not "true" nor "false".

Installation & configuration

A BDII restart is needed to be able to use the new GLUE 2 schema revision.


Maria Alandes Pradillo

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